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Hiya! My name's Abby. I'm an illustrator in Pennsylvania.
I draw birds sometimes.
Reach me on Twitter/IG @finchfight, or at Finchfightillustration@gmail.com


    blueheartdiaries asked: Is there anyway you could have your images turned into stickers... I'm asking cause I would buy some and put it on my phone case. It's plain white and I didn't see any galaxy S4 cases on a website you posted on here to buy your designs....


    I do not permit any kind of unlicensed reproduction of my artwork, but I do have Galaxy S4 cases available on Society6 (just not skins). Hope this helps. Thanks!

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    jennerboots asked: absolutely love your work! perfect


    Thank you so much! So glad you enjoy :)

    — 4 days ago
    blueheartdiaries asked: Is it alright if I use a pre made picture you drew as a tattoo?? One you've posted on here?? Or would you prefer not?


    Definitely :) All I ask is that when it’s finished, post a picture of your finished ink to my Facebook page and share your awesomeness! Thanks for asking :)

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    Anonymous asked: I love your illustrations, especially your birds! Do you charge for custom illustrations/tattoo designs?


    Hi there, and thanks! I do charge for custom artwork, and I take all kinds of commissions. Send me a note at Finchfightillustration@gmail.com, I’d love to hear your ideas!

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    littlemagicfromlucy asked: Hey! I think you make beautiful creations!!! may I ask what tools you use? :)


    Thanks for the kind words :) My go-to materials include waterproof India ink, Crayola washable and Tombow markers, and Reeves watercolors. 

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    The fearsome… the monstrous… Red Panda.

    Fun project this week, and a new addition to the creature/predator/ general animal face series I’ve been working on. I mixed in Crayola washable markers this time, I think they’re just as effective as Tombows!

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